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SNOW51城市滑雪一站式空间,是世界知名专业滑雪培训学校奥地利“Schild Ski Racing School”在中国的合资企业。SNOW51首席技术官 - Schild Stefan来自欧洲著名滑雪世家,  Schild家族成员在奥运会、世锦赛上共夺得39枚奖牌。SNOW51秉承阿尔卑斯山脉纯正滑雪技术,将欧洲培养世界冠军的学校教程、设备、教练空降到中国,致力于让更多人在繁华的大都市中安全、高效、专业的学会滑雪。

Snow51 City Skiing One-Stop Station is a joint venture of Austrian “Schild Ski Racing School”, a world-renowned professional ski training school, in China. The CTO of SNOW51, Schild Stefan, comes from a famous ski family in Europe. The family members of Schild have won 39 medals from Olympic Games and World Championship in total. Adhering the most authentic Alps ski skills, SNOW51 brings the world-class courses, equipment and coaches which have trained many world champions to China from Europe, aiming to provide a safe, efficient and professional environment for people in the vibrant metropolitan to master the skills of skiing.


SNOW51采用国际一流的教学体系,并针对会员设定了严格的九个滑雪水平等级测评, 分别为Rooky1-Rooky3, Expert3- Expert6, Pro6-Pro9。在SNOW51 定期举办的会员日Crystal Day, SNOW51将为达到相应等级的会员颁发资格证书。

SNOW51 applies world’s leading training system and has designed 9 strict levels of skiing assessment for the members, ranking from Rooky1-Rooky3, Expert3 – Expert 6 and Pro6-Pro9. At SNOW51, we host our members’ day “Crystal Day” periodically and award the certificates to our members according to the level of achievements.


除专业滑雪培训外,SNOW51还可为各行业企业客户提供创新性团建服务,让企业可持续地健康运作和发展。SNOW51旗下源于丹麦的企业团队发展和高效团队服务公司 – CoastZone柯忠,在丹麦过去三年持续被评为最佳,在团队拓展与建议领域已有二十多年的经验,同时柯忠还是在工作中应用DISC理论排名世界第二的公司。

In addition to professional ski training, SNOW51 also provides innovative team building services to corporate clients from different industries, in order to enhance the companies’ sustainability and healthy development. CoastZone, a subsidiary company of SNOW51, originally from Denmark, is focusing on corporate team development and highly efficient team services. It has been in the team development and consulting business for more than 20 years. It’s ranked as the best company in Denmark for the past 3 years and ranked No.2 among the companies which have applied DISC theory in the workplace.




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